Simple Bot Architecture

Greenseer: Game of Thrones Bot

Valar Dohaeris
Designed to keep you track of all the Details, Breakdown and Easter eggs that you might have missed in Season 7.

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Open Source
Made easy using Actions Architecture. Designed for easy management of Chat Flow

Actions Architecture

Turbocharging NLTK.
Designed for Content Creators. Ability to manage conversation flow using a single CSV file.
Manage Attachment or Text response with no downtime.

Designed for Facebook Messenger.


Open Source Personal Assist.
Weather + Reminders + Notifications.
A Bot Store

Designed for Raspberry Pi.

NatOS Libraries

Bash Scheduler

NatOS Libraries has a Bash Scheduler which enables you to schedule Bash Commands in a Single line.

Voice Scheduler

A single line to schedule a Voice Message on your Raspberry Pi.


Generating Response for Requests with Multiple String Matching Support or Entities.


Entity Extraction from Requests. Custome Entity matching from text file.


Sentiment Analysis to measures your mood swings!

from ActionsA import scheduler

scheduler.message(seconds=7, command='python')
scheduler.message(minutes=2, text='Jon knows nothing.')

Valar Dohaeris

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